Cases to be repaid:
– Goods with technical errors and production errors such as size error, thread breakage, tearing, …
– Goods damaged by the process of shipping to customers of
cockybuffaloshop as torn, scratched, deformed …
– Deliveries not in accordance with the model and type that customers have booked.

If you find the above cases, please do not receive the goods and ask our delivery staff to confirm the status of the goods on the spot and request a return payment.

Otherwise, customers must immediately report the status of defective products to us within 2 days from the date of receiving the goods to be supported for innovation, more than 2 days we will not support the settlement because the customer defaults with the delivered product.

We do not accept refunds when returning goods. But we accept to exchange for the following conditions:
– Goods must be returned within 7 days of purchase.
– Goods must still be in good condition like delivery and intact, original stamp.
– Replacement goods should be priced at the same price as the item in return because we do not accept the return of excess money for lower priced products.
– Customers must pay shipping fee

We will renew the product for customers, in case there is no product of that product in stock, Cocky Buffalo commits to refund 100% of the fee paid by the customer to us through such forms as : cash at the company or transfer to customers line.
* Note: Cocky Buffalo will bear the shipping costs for the return payment if it confirms the error belongs to the company.